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The Shocking Truth - A Conspiracy Against Fine Artists

"The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it."

Michelangelo Buonarroti

You may have come across books in the past about the subject of making a career in fine art; usually such books are written by people who know the subject in theory. This book is different.

"Fine Art – Your Fame and Wealth. Who If Not You?" is written by a professional brand maker in collaboration with a professional fine artist who has successfully applied all the methods described in this book.

Vladimir London has given this book a precise, methodical approach. He is a professional in web marketing, with extensive experience in web design, brand creation and the fine art business. For ten years he has created online marketing campaigns to help numerous world known brands and celebrities promote their names. We hope our knowledge and experience will be useful to you. We want to congratulate you for your desire to succeed in your creative career; this is one of the necessary ingredients in your achievement formula.

You should congratulate yourself as well. You are in a very favourable position as you have made the move toward artistic success and global fame and recognition by reading this book. We will show you step by step what you need to do and how to do it in order to succeed.

Many fine artists start their art education with little knowledge of how they will become known for their art. Not everyone actually fulfils their creative career dreams. Do you know that 98% of artists are struggling on their journey to success?

As a fine artist you may think: "All I have to do is to create artworks, then send my portfolio to various galleries. Then I'll call some art dealers and clients; everyone will recognise my unique talents and exhibitions and commissions will follow." You may be going from gallery to gallery presenting your portfolio, or calling art dealers asking them to have a look at your paintings, maybe you're sending hundreds of emails every month. Maybe you already exhibited your artwork from time to time or are even planning big shows. The matter is that despite buyers paying a lot of money for your art, your income will still be relatively small because gallery owners and art dealers will take away a lot in commission.

Answer honestly to yourself:

  • Are you totally satisfied with the income from your art?
  • Are you absolutely sure your current art career is at its pinnacle and can't be improved?
  • Are you happy with the results you have?

If the answer is "No," then this book is for you.

If you're doing the same thing over and over again, you are likely to get the same results. So, what needs to be done? How to get to the next level, where you can enjoy the benefits of being famous? We will show you the answers.

The industry of Fine Art is not run by artists, but by galleries and auction owners, art dealers, brokers and managers. There are millions of fine artists worldwide, and only a few are very successful. Some of them are successful not because of their art skills and talents, but because of massive marketing support behind them. The current system has been the status quo for more than 200 years, until now. The traditional 19th and 20th century approach for artist's career building isn't suitable for the 21st century. That is unless you want to spend a long time and a lot of money making your name recognized.

We will tell you a big secret here. Gallery owners and art dealers don't want you to have self- promotion skills. Why would they? Your website or portfolio online won't make them any money. Your artwork can be found online by potential buyers and they can buy or order commissions directly from you. What are the benefits to gallery owners and dealers if they're losing their commissions? The dream of a dealer is to sign artists on exclusive conditions where every deal or exhibition will go through them. This old traditional approach is still in practice today. Times have changed however, and now you can dictate your conditions to middle men providing that you have a strong position and fame, and we will show you exactly what to do to achieve that.

Now Fine artists can make bigger profits from selling digital copies of their artwork than when compared to the sale of original paintings or drawings. You can only sell your original artwork once; as a digital copy, you can sell it over and over again for years to come, even when you sleep or travel. The new digital era has broadened horizons for fine artists, wider than ever before. You have to decide for yourself, would you like to discover and master new possibilities of promoting your name and make much bigger pro ts as a result, or stick to the old traditional approach and remain satisfied with the pro t your art dealer will let you to have?

Whether you are employed and dreaming of quitting your day job by becoming a successful and self-actualized fine artist, or are a student and want to escape the necessity of selling your time in the future for money (J.O.B. – "just over broke"), or a self-employed artist who wants to progress further in your creative career – this book is for you.

Here are some shocking truths that you may not be aware of at the moment:

You may think that to make a successful career in fine art requires a lot of time. Wrong! This book will show you how to save time in every step you take on your path to creative success; how to take giant leaps toward success every time you implement the project using our strategy.

You may think that artistic success is a synonym for being lucky. Wrong! This book describes in detail how you can be in total control of your own artistic destiny, without relying on the favour of art dealers and managers.

You may think that promoting your name as a fine artist requires a lot of money. Wrong! You will discover in the following chapters how to hijack the global media and feature on the latest news across the globe on a shoestring budget. Just imagine how you could benefit from such exposure.

You may think that promoting a fine artist name is a job so big and difficult that only dedicated public relations companies can undertake such a massive project. Wrong! "Fine Art – Your Fame and Wealth. Who If Not You?" will reveal how to implement the projects of promoting an artist's name on a global scale singlehandedly without employing marketing companies or public relations (PR) agencies.

You may think that making a successful artist brand name requires very specific underground knowledge. True! And you are about to find out everything you need to know to make your name recognized in the fine art world.

You will be in a very privileged position just by reading this book. The knowhow of this strategy is so fresh and unique, only a few fine artists worldwide have managed to crack this secret knowledge. Ask yourself: If the proven self- promotion strategy requires little time and money, wouldn't everyone use it to their advantage? What's stopping other people from achieving what the authors of this book have achieved?

There is only one thing stopping them – skills and knowledge. In this era, there is only one most powerful and valuable commodity known to man – information. This is exactly the reason why you are reading this book -- to get information about making a successful career in fine art, how to promote your name, how to be exhibited in the best art galleries, and how to demand the high prices for your art pieces that you deserve.

You might be wondering what the secret is. The very short answer is the new technologies which have become available very recently.

For centuries, fine artists struggled on their way to success, nevertheless times have changed. Now anyone can take the matter into their own hands and be the master of their own success. There are only two things that stand between you at this moment of time, and where you want to be career wise; specialized information on how to get there, and dedicated effort on your part. You will have all the necessary knowledge by the end of this book, the rest will be up to you – you will have to take action and walk the path step by step.

If you want fame, recognition and wealth from your art, this book is for you.

"Fine Art – Your Fame and Wealth. Who If Not You?" will reveal the underground secrets of making the sky-rocketing career in fine art that you can benefit from.

We wish you all the success you deserve!
With Love,
Vladimir London and Sophie Golden

An Introduction to the Fame and Wealth Guide

This book is written as a guide for fine artists who would like to achieve success in their creative career. This is not one of the many other theoretical studies of the fine art marketplace and the fine artist's interaction with the creative industry.

In the chapters following, you will find practical solutions you can follow step by step in order to progress.

Centuries ago, fine artists were much closer to the buyer. Today, an army of art critics, art dealers, gallery owners, and auctioneers stand between the fine artist and the buyer. The reason is obvious. Objects of fine art hold the biggest mark-up the world has ever known.

Fine artists stand at the bottom of the pyramid, being paid only once when a painting is initially sold, and often getting nothing when it resells every time thereafter.

Copyright fees on sequential sales are not always satisfactory. The argument of middle-men between an artist and buyer is that they play a crucial role in an artist's promotion. Without art managers, artists would struggle to become well-known and achieve success. Marketing and PR cost money, advertising doesn't come cheap. It all used to be true.

Without radio, press and TV marketing campaigns it was next to impossible to announce an artist's name to multimillion audiences. Promotion used to be expensive and very difficult to handle on your own.

Until now.

New mass media tools have been developed and evolved – the Internet. Today's Internet is your lucky and unique chance to achieve great results which would be unthinkable with old technologies. Let's look back hundreds of years to see how the latest technologies can do revolutionary things. In some cases they are literally "revolutionary."

In the beginning of the 16th century, a monk from "barbarian" Germany doubted the rightness of the actions of the holiest person in the Roman Catholic Church – the Pope himself, and started a church reformation. Martin Luther could do this by using the latest technology at a time, the printing press. His published words caused a revolt. Without mass printed pages only a limited number of people would have known his point of view.

The Russian Revolution was possible, in part, due to use of their time's latest technology: the telegraph. Lenin, the leader of the Revolution, was also convinced that the new technology of cinematography was one of the best tools for state propaganda.

Later, Hitler used cinematography to establish his power.

John F. Kennedy was elected to the U.S. presidency because his presidential campaign, unlike his competitors, wisely used new technology: television broadcasts.

And lastly, Mr. Barack Obama got his campaign right with the help of a super-powerful modern tool, the Internet.

Don't get us wrong, TV, radio, cinematography and the media, all traditional promoting tools, remain as powerful as they ever were. The only thing is how can you, on your own, without anybody's help, without enormous financial spending, can get "into the TV box" to tell people about your art?

The Internet is the cheapest and the most powerful tool in the world that you can use to become a successful, famous and wealthy artist!

You just need to know HOW.

And we will show you exactly that.

The "Blueprint" of Employing Unprecedented Opportunities

In this chapter we will outline the main steps you can take to promote your name and move towards your success. The formula below is very fresh and would not work just a few years ago. We're also con dent that this self-promotion guide will have to evolve to remain up to date.

The reason is that this blueprint is applying the latest technology of connecting you as a fine artist with your audience – the Internet. Even ten years ago you would not have had the same opportunity to reach audiences of millions worldwide using the Internet, as this platform was under-developed and didn't have some of the tools that are available today.

The penetration of Internet users was much smaller; web 2.0 didn't exist. The Internet is developing rapidly. Millions of websites are being published every day; better and bigger online social platforms are emerging all the time.

In the years to come, new means of self-promotion will become available. The right time to begin your self-promotion is right NOW. Take the plan below and put it into practice. This blueprint will constantly be evolving as is the technology it is based upon.

Here is the tested and proven formula of becoming a successful fine artist in the second decade of the 21st century. There are several parts needed to achieve your desired success. First - creating a strong vision of becoming a successful artist, together with creation of a brand to be marketed.

Second - positioning your art name and brand on the global online marketing platform. Follow this by building a fan base community around the brand and becoming a worldwide recognized celebrity on the web (cewebrity) and authority in the fine art niche of the global art market.

And third – use online resources to build up an e-commerce operation offering the brand's products to a worldwide customer base, and leverage sales using affiliate systems and joint ventures. All these activities will not go unnoticed by art gallery owners, art dealers and auction houses. With your raised status of cewebrity and backed by financial achievements, you can negotiate better deals with the fine-art market middle men. You can begin to look for potential partnership and sponsorship deals with multinational global corporations to whom a newly established and well recognized brand can bring a demographic and justify a multi-million dollar marketing budget.

This summary of becoming a successful fine artist formula can be subdivided into the 18 action points listed below.


The Contemporary Art Marketplace

Since the time of the Impressionists, the criteria of the quality of fine artworks have become diluted. The quality of artwork starts to be measured by only a single factor – the market price at any given moment in time. Such valuation of pieces of art shifts the formation of the fine art market from professional art experts to professional art marketers. This shift on the art market has been used for the last one hundred and fifty years to the benefit of art marketers. Lucky fine artists would become promoted by marketers who would take the biggest part of the financial rewards.

The Internet is changing the art world.

This change brings the most powerful opportunity for fine artist in the entire history of art. Only those fine artists who master the art of self promotion and marketing of their fine artworks will succeed. You may like it or not, the contemporary marketplace dictates its own rules. The very least you can do is familiarize yourself with these rules and discover opportunities that can benefit you.

Monetising your creative success is one of the most important parts of your career. One of the main aims of becoming a successful fine artist is to unlock financial opportunities and profit in a global fine-art market by using the power of your brand recognition.

The key to your success is to develop your name into a worldwide recognizable brand. The brand will deliver your name to the proper demographics – the equivalent of "Andy Warhol" or "Salvador Dali" of the 21st Century.

There are two approaches to this task:

The conventional fine art industry approach employing traditional methods:

  • Promoting the artist's name off-line by exhibiting artworks
  • Selling works of art via galleries, auctions, private viewings, etc.
  • Sourcing commission deals
  • Gaining pro t in the form of a percentage or margin from sales

This common approach is limited in ways of promoting and capitalizing. Most fine artists are following this centuries old concept.

New times require new solutions that go beyond the mainstream scheme. The fine art industry is failing to recognize that the destiny and fortune of art dealing is not in the hands of art dealers or galleries and not even in the hands of TV, press, and other media anymore. It is in the hands of global corporations, which spend massive advertising budgets and are interested in capturing specific demographics.

For those fine artists who understand that the standard system is no longer enough, and who are willing to stand above the conventional path of success, it's imperative to adopt an advanced modus operandi.

Such fine artists will have to concentrate on building successful brands to unlock high profit potential in excess of revenue from art sales. The pivotal point of such an operation will be to partner with big business – the world's biggest multinationals.

The purpose of this book is to help you to discover new ways of becoming famous for your art. This fame will attract the attention of art critics, main galleries, and art collectors and above all, you will greatly increase your chances of getting noticed by global corporations.

Such attention, in combination with your raised pro le and recognition by a great number of different demographics will provide you with much stronger negotiation power. You will dictate your position in your contracts and demand selling prices and the margin profits that you want to achieve. As a sub-product of the self-promotion process you will make profits by selling your art online, digital products and merchandising.

The contemporary fine-art marketplace is shifting with the evolution of the Internet. You can be part of this movement and benefit greatly by using new opportunities. Open your mind to these changes and allow yourself to move towards success.

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