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If you’ve ever wondered why “Success” in Fine Art is so hard to come by,
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The industry of Fine Art is not run by artists, but by auctions and gallery owners, art dealers, brokers, and art managers.

Fine Art - Contemporary Marketplace. How You can Benefit.

There are millions of fine artists worldwide, and only a few are very successful. Some of them are successful not because of their skills and talents, but due to massive marketing support behind them.

The current system has been the status quo for more than 200 years, until now. The traditional 19th and 20th century approach for artist’s career development is not suitable for the 21st century.

If you think that gallery owners want you to have good marketing and self-promotion skills, think again.Why would they? Your website or portfolio online won’t make them any money. The dream of a dealer is to sign artists on exclusive conditions where every deal or exhibition will go through them. This old traditional approach is still in practice today.

Times have changed however, and now you can dictate your conditions to middle men providing that you have a strong position and fame. And we will show you exactly what to do to achieve that.

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