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Foreword by Natalie Richy

Natalie Richy - Latvian British Figurative Fine Artist

Natalie Richy

"I would like to thank Vladimir London and Sophie Golden for letting me to review this book.

"Fine Art – Your Fame & Wealth. Who if not you?"

I was curious what information the book might contain. When I asked them, they answered that their intention is to explain in simple terms what the current fine-art-industry marketplace has become recently, and to provide some no-nonsense, tested and proven solutions that fine artists can use to propel their creative career forward. I waited in anticipation for the book's release, and I finally got my chance to read it.

I have known Sophie and Vladimir for some time. I knew what brands and celebrities Vladimir had helped to promote to the pinnacle of their success, and I was witnessing how incredibly fast Sophie had established her name as a recognisable brand on the fine art marketplace.

I was sure this book would be very useful to anyone who is looking for ideas for self promotion in the art field. To my great surprise and joy, the book surpasses all of my expectations.

"Fine Art – Your Fame and Wealth. Who if not you?" has turned out to be one of the best practical books a fine artist could ask for. From the very first page, my attention was on every single word the authors had put in it. I couldn't stop reading until I reached the very end. This was a great and enjoyable experience. The book is packed with useful information and the structure makes it easy to follow.

This is the only handbook a fine artist will need to master the techniques of self-promotion, in their desire to acquire fame and wealth.

I recommend "Fine Art – Your Fame and Wealth. Who if not you?" to all creative people who take their art career seriously. Enjoy your new book, read it one chapter at a time, and most importantly, put your new knowledge into practice. I encourage you to read this book carefully and apply every small step towards success. Only artists who take action get results.

Thank you, Vladimir and Sophie, for allowing me to say a few words in this precious book."

Natalie Richy
Fine artist, Ttutor at Old Masters Academy

About Art-Fame Book Authors

Vladimir London

Vladimir London is a fine artist, art teacher and internationally published author of books on art, which are available on Amazon in paper and digital formats. Vladimir is the founder of several online art courses and also a member of the International Watercolor Society. Vladimir works in various media, including oil, graphite, silverpoint, encaustic, and watercolor. His works of art have found homes in private collections across the world. Vladimir participates in various art exhibitions. The unique, creative style of Vladimir's artwork draws the attention of viewers and evokes emotions for artists and spectators alike. Vladimir's art spans figurative works, landscapes, animal works, and still lifes.

Here are several books by Vladimir London you may find interesting and helpful:

Book - How to Draw a Portrait: Step-by-step Instructions for Beginner ArtistsHow to Draw a Portrait: Step-by-step Instructions for Beginner Artists

The book "How to Draw a Portrait" was primarily created for students of the Life Drawing Academy course - https://lifedrawing.academy. Many of Vladimir London's students wanted to improve their portrait drawing skills and needed an illustrated textbook that would explain in detail how to draw a three-quarter portrait at a professional level. To help art students, Vladimir crafted this detailed step-by-step guide for beginner artists.

The subject appeared interesting to all fans of art, from teenagers to the elderly who wanted to learn how to create portraits that look realistic. Therefore, it's not surprising that the popularity of this book surpassed its original boundaries of the Life Drawing Academy course.

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The Book on Watercolor by Vladimir LondonThe Book on Watercolor

In this book, you will read about what watercolor is and its place in the history of arts; what makes a good watercolor artwork; what you need to know about watercolor materials and how to choose the right art supplies. You will learn color theory and how to use it in watercolor painting. You will also discover the traditional watercolor painting techniques that every proficient watercolor artist should master. This book will give you the fundamental information, methods and techniques that will be very useful in painting anything you see, think or imagine. This book will guide you through various watercolor painting techniques and reveal many craft tips that are not taught in contemporary art institutions. As the saying goes, it is better to see once than hear one hundred times, so if you want to learn more and watch how professional watercolor art is created step by step, you can check video lessons of the WatercolorAcademy.com course. You will discover the trade secrets and tricks that you need to practice to elevate your watercolor skills to the higher level.

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How to Draw a Portrait: The step-by-step guide on how to draw portraits in the three-quarters view - Book by Vladimir LondonHow to Draw a Portrait: The step-by-step guide on how to draw portraits in the three-quarters view

In this book, you will discover how to draw a portrait in the three-quarters view. It contains 47 step-by-step illustrations that will guide you one step at a time from blank sheet of paper to the finished portrait.This book is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced art students.Vladimir London will show you all you need to know about portrait drawing.The portrait drawing method you are about to discover is based on the following values:- Use of constructive drawing principles; the knowledge of human head proportions; and the knowledge of human head and face anatomy.You will also discover what common mistakes in portrait drawing are and how to avoid them. You will find answers to such questions as: how do I draw a portrait proficiently; how to place facial features in the right place; how to draw realistic portraits; how to gain confidence in portrait drawing; and many more. This book also contains a very special Bonus - the access to the Free "How to Draw a Portrait" Video Lesson!

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Drawing in Perspective: How to Draw in Perspective - a Practical Guide for ArtistsDrawing in Perspective: How to Draw in Perspective - a Practical Guide for Artists

DRAWING IN PERSPECTIVE is a practical guide for artists who want to learn how to draw in perspective the right way. It demystifies the theory of perspective and gives practical, easy-to-follow advice on using different types of perspective in art. It is intended as a comprehensive aid for Drawing Academy students, so you will find it useful, as well. In this book, you will discover more information about drawing in perspective than an average student learns during four years in a contemporary art college. This book describes the following types of perspective: one-, two-, three- and four-point perspective, photo perspective, perceptive perspective, parallel perspective, reverse perspective and aerial or atmospheric perspective. The Drawing in Perspective book gives answers to such questions as: what is perspective, perspective main types, rules and principles, history of drawing in perspective, how to measure perspective, and the best way to learn drawing whatever you see or imagine in perspective.

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Book - BODY LANGUAGE IN FINE ARTBODY LANGUAGE IN FINE ART: How to Read Old Masters' Paintings - Secrets of Body Language In Figurative Fine Art

Having the ability to accurately read and interpret body language is going to change the way that you look at fine art. Virtually all of the figurative art that you look at will have had some body language incorporated into it by the artist. There is a lot to be said for the non-verbal communication in fine art, and you are going to be able to see what the artist was thinking when they created their works of art, and that will bring out more of the emotions that should be associated with the artwork.

This book is going to help you to interpret the subtle body language in fine art, to uncover the hidden messages that the fine artist may, or may not have knowingly painted, and hopefully give you a whole new appreciation for some of the art work that you may have looked at in the past, but not really "seen".

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Book - Fine Art – Your Fame & Wealth. Who if not you?Fine Art – Your Fame & Wealth. Who if not you?

This book reveals how you can benefit from the contemporary fine art marketplace, how to establish and promote your fine art brand, and how to make money from it. It tells how to build a career in art and how to obtain multiple income streams from your art. It provides detailed 'know-how' of becoming a worldwide recognised Name in the art world. It tells how the new digital era has broadened horizons for fine artists; and how self-promotion can change the odds of a negotiating position. This book will help you fulfill a life-time dream to become an independent, famous and wealthy fine artist. Information is the one most powerful and valuable commodity known to man. This is why you should read this book: to get the necessary information about making a successful career in fine art, how to promote your name, how to be exhibited in the best art galleries, and how to demand the high prices for your art pieces that you deserve.

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Vladimir London is a co-founder and tutor of several online art courses:



Together with a team of talented fine artists, Vladimir London created Life Drawing Academy, a unique art resource where you can learn how to draw realistic figures and portraits from life, memory, and imagination with the necessary knowledge of a human body construction, proportions, and anatomy.

LifeDrawing.Academy »



Watercolor Academy is another educational resource co-founded by Vladimir London. In this academy, you can learn professional watercolor painting skills and discover advanced techniques and trade secrets that are not taught anywhere else.

WatercolorAcademy.com »



Drawing Academy is an online course that teaches how to draw whatever you see or imagine using constructive drawing principles, perspective, proportions, and anatomy for artists. It features 46 multi-part video lessons on how to draw different genres in various media.

DrawingAcademy.com »



Anatomy Master Class was created for figurative artists to provide a fast and easy way of learning human anatomy. It comes with 26 multi-part video lessons that explain everything you need to know about head and body anatomy, proportions, and construction.

AnatomyMasterClass.com »



Vladimir London is a part of the team at Old Masters Academy. This resource teaches how to paint like the old masters using modern materials. The information presented in this course comes from an extensive research of oil painting methods used during Renaissance and Baroque periods.

OldMasters.Academy »

Sophie Golden

Co-author Sophie Golden is young and already successful Fine Artist, who also would like to remain unknown from the marketing perspective because it isn't in her interest to be tagged as "aggressive Self-Promoter" or "too business oriented" since she has established reputation as a sensitive artist. 90% of her Self-Promotion campaigns she was doing unanimously as a third person.

Under Vladimir's support and instructions she went through all points described in this book and as a result she is having regular exhibitions around the world and sells her art pieces.

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Vladimir London and Sophie Golden

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