Are You Totally Satisfied with Your Fine Art Career?

You may be skeptical at this point. Many fine artists start their art education with little knowledge of how they will become known for their art. Not everyone actually fulfills their creative career dreams. Do you know that 98% of artists are struggling on their journey to success? Are you still struggling with poor or no results in you career?

If you can’t buy a piece of bread, you definitely cannot afford to miss the opportunity of purchasing this book. As a fine artist you may think: “All I have to do is to create artworks, then send my portfolio to various galleries. Then I’ll call some art dealers and clients; everyone will recognize my unique talents and exhibitions and commissions will follow.”

You may be going from gallery to gallery presenting your portfolio, or calling art dealers asking them to have a look at your paintings, maybe you’re sending hundreds of emails every month. Maybe you already exhibited your artwork from time to time or are even planning big shows. The matter is that despite buyers paying a lot of money for your art, your income will still be relatively small because gallery owners and art dealers will take away a lot in commission.

Answer these questions honestly:

  • Are you totally satisfied with your income from your art?
  • Are you absolutely sure your current art career is at its pinnacle and can’t be improved?
  • Are you happy with results you have?
  • If the answer is “No”, then this book is for you.

If you’re doing the same thing over and over again, you are likely to get the same results. So, what needs to be done? How to get to the next level, where you can enjoy the benefits of being famous? We will show you the answers in the chapters of this book.

The industry of fine art is not run by artists, but by galleries and auction owners, art dealers, brokers and managers. There are millions of fine artists worldwide, and only a few are very successful. Some of them are successful not because of their art skills and talents, but because of massive marketing support behind them. The current system has been the status quo for more than 200 years, until now. The traditional 19th and 20th century approach for artist’s career building isn’t suitable for the 21st century. That is unless you want to spend a long time and a lot of money making your name recognized.

Here are some shocking truths that you may not be aware of at the moment: You may think that to make a successful career in fine art requires a lot of time. Wrong! This book will show you how to save time in every step you take on your path to creative success; how to take giant leaps toward success every time you implement the project using our strategy.

You may think that artistic success is a synonym for being lucky. Wrong! This book describes in detail how you can be in total control of your own artistic destiny, without relying on the favor of art dealers and managers.

You may think that promoting your name as a fine artist requires a lot of money. Wrong! You will discover in the following chapters how to hijack the global media and features on the latest news across the globe on a shoestring budget. Just imagine how you could benefit from such exposure.

You may think that promoting a fine artist name is a job so big and difficult that only dedicated public relations companies can undertake such a massive project. Wrong! “Fine Art – Your Fame and Wealth. Who If Not You?” will reveal how to implement the projects of promoting an artist’s name on a global scale singlehandedly without employing marketing companies or public relations (PR) agencies.

You may think that making a successful artist brand name requires very specific underground knowledge. True! And you are about to find out everything you need to know to make your name recognized in the fine art world.

If you are looking for creative success don’t spend another day without having this book. The impossible is now possible. Thanks to sensational guide of artist’s self promotion in 21st century. The know-how of this strategy is so fresh and unique, only a few fine artists worldwide have managed to crack this secret knowledge. Ask yourself: if the proven self-promotion strategy requires so little time and money wouldn’t everyone be using it to their advantage? What is stopping other people from achieving success? The answer is: the gift of knowledge and persistence.

In this era, information is the one most powerful and valuable commodity known to man. This is exactly the reason why you should read this book: to get the necessary information about making a successful career in fine art, how to promote your name, how to be exhibited in the best art galleries, and how to demand the high prices for your art pieces that you deserve.

We will tell you a big secret here. Gallery owners and art dealers don’t want you as an artist to have good self-promotion skills!

Why would they? Your website or portfolio online won’t make them any money. Your artwork can be found online by potential buyers and they can buy or order commissions directly from you. What are the benefits to gallery owners and dealers if they’re losing their commissions? The dream of a dealer is to sign artists on exclusive conditions where every deal or exhibition will go through them. This old traditional approach is still in practice today.

Times have changed. We will show you how to get fame and a strong negotiating position.

The new digital era has broadened horizons for fine artists, wider than ever before. You have to decide for yourself, would you like to discover and master new possibilities of promoting your name and make much bigger profits as a result, or stick to the old traditional marketing school and be poor.

Whether you are employed and dreaming of quitting your day job by becoming a successful and self-actualized fine artist, or are a student and want to escape the necessity of selling your time in the future for money, or a self-employed artist who wants to progress further in your creative career – this book is for you.

With the help of this book you will get everything you ever wanted from your art career. It is easier than ever to get astonishing professional results when you have inside knowledge of self-promotion.

This book helps you fulfill a life time dream to be an independent, famous and wealthy fine artist.

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